The life of a Christian steward models the life of Jesus. It is challenging and even difficult, in many respects, yet intense joy comes to those who take the risk to live as Christian stewards. Women and men who seek to live as stewards learn that "all things work for good for those who love God" (Rom 8:28).

After Jesus, we look to Mary as an ideal steward. As the Mother of Christ, she lived her ministry in a spirit of fidelity and service; she responded generously to the call. We must ask ourselves: Do we also wish to be disciples of Jesus Christ and Christian stewards of our world and our Church? Central to our human and Christian vocations, as well as to the unique vocation each one of us receives from God, is that we be good stewards of the gifts we possess. God gives us this divine-human workshop, this world and Church of ours.

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Changing Lives Together

Since his return to Detroit in 2009, Archbishop Vigneron has reached out to pastors and archdiocesan councils to identify the most critical needs of the parishes and the Archdiocese. While listening to their concerns and challenges, he was continually reminded of the blessings of strength and fellowship that come from working toward a shared goal in Christ. The Changing Lives Together initiative will enable Southeast Michigan’s 1.4 million Catholics to grow together, sowing our faith, reaping wonderful blessings and rejoicing according to God’s will for His people.

Changing Lives Together will strengthen the future of the Catholic Church in Southeast Michigan in these ways:

  • Strengthening of the parishes- each parish reflects on its own unique needs while developing a plan for the future
  • Strengthening of Catholic Education and Faith Formation- supplementing the existing Archdiocesan endowment fund for tuition assistance which has already provided more than $35 million dollars during the past 15 years.
  • Strengthen priestly formation and future leadership - for our seminarians and lay men and women preparing for ministry.
  • Strengthen the Church in the City- establishing a fund to provide grants to support parish ministries and programs vital to the witness and mission of the Church.

Our Lady Star of the Sea parish will soon be participating in this important initiative of the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)

“The annual Catholic Services Appeal brings a special opportunity for us to answer Christ’s call and to renew our personal commitment to His work in the Church. The CSA touches all of us, both personally and in our parishes, in ways we may not realize. We are the Body of Christ, and the CSA funds ministries, programs and services that everyday in some way impact the lives of thousands in southeast Michigan and beyond.

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When we make our annual pledge to the CSA, and share the blessings God gives us, we join with all of our sisters and brothers in Christ who gather throughout the Archdiocese in the Lord’s celebration of the Eucharist to do the work that no individual can do. “ (2012 CSA brochure)

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