Videos & Movies for Advent

Nov 19, 2022
  • Advent: Rethinking the Season
    In this Lighthouse Talk audio presentation, Dr. Tim Gray uses storytelling and the readings of the Old Testament to explain that we need to live the ‘pre-season’ of Advent well, so we can be prepared to welcome and receive the greatest gift God the Father wants to give us at Christmas: His Son, Jesus.
  • Family Activities for Advent
    Jackie and Bobby share some activities for Advent that have helped make the season more meaningful in their family. Maybe something they do will make perfect sense for you and you household
  • Advent: More than a Chocolate Calendar
    Fr. Mike says it’s good to prepare ourselves for Christmas during Advent, but ultimately that’s not what the liturgical season is about. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus had to stay in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn. Will you use this season to make room for Jesus in your life?
  • Advent: New Liturgical Year, New You
    Bobby Angel encourages you to restart your life this Advent. A great way to restart is to go to confession. Many parishes take the opportunity to offer the sacrament more often during Advent. Then, as a follow-up, why not make a change? Where is God calling you to restart?
  • The Chosen
    The first ever multi-season show about the life of Christ. Follow Jesus and his closest followers through Jesus' early days of ministry.
  • St. Joseph: 4 Part Series
    In this Year of Saint Joseph proclaimed by Pope Francis, Dr. Ben Akers and Taylor Kemp sit down to reflect on the earthly father chosen by the heavenly Father for his Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Mary of Nazareth
    Mary of Nazareth is an epic motion picture on the life of Mary, Mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus. The film vividly captures the essence of Mary's profound faith and trust in God amidst the great mysteries that she lived with as the Mother of the Messiah, as well as her compassionate humanity and concern for others, and the deep love that she and Jesus shared for one another.
  • Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message
    Guadalupe: The Miracle and the Message traces the history of this transformative event from the 16th century to the present. Featuring interviews with leading theologians, historians, and experts on the scientific inquiries into the miraculous image, this gripping film explores both the inexplicable mysteries behind the image, and the continued relevance of the Guadalupe apparition to the modern world.
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