Lent 101

Feb 8, 2024

Lent 101 - What's it all about?

  • What's the Purpose of Lent?
    What’s the real connection between the Israelites’ forty years in the desert and the forty days of Lent? Fr. Mike explains.
  • What's with the Ashes?
    Talking to Children about Lent
  • What's the Purpose of Fasting during Lent?
    We fast during Lent for many reasons. Whether those reasons are good or not is hard to tell sometimes, though. In this video, Fr. Mike reminds us that God cares about us so much he is willing to notice our sacrifices—no matter how meager they may seem—and he wants us to use those sacrifices to draw closer to him.
  • Intro to Lent for Kids
    Brother Francis introduces this year's Lenten season
  • Fasting & Abstinence
    What is it? When should we practice these? Learn a little more about this beautiful tradition.
  • Lent Spotify Playlist


  • Activities for Busy Catholic Families
    Given the many challenges facing today’s families, now is the perfect time and home is the perfect place to experience Lent. Lenten experiences can take place in nearly every room of the house.
  • 40 (easy) Activities for Your Family
    If picking one big thing to do for Lent seems too daunting, try choosing one small things each day. Use this calendar for inspiration.
  • Salt Dough Crown of Thorns
    Similar to the Advent activity of Straws in the Manger, a crown of thorns made from salt dough can inspire children to learn more about penance through Lent.
  • Brother Francis
    Brother Francis is a fun, animated program that engages children and keeps them excited about the saints, sacred tradition, and feast days.
    Lent Made Easy
    Stations of the Cross


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