UPDATE: COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols

Jun 30, 2021

From the COVID-19 Liturgical Committee: Updated COVID-19 Liturgical Protocols as of June 30, 2021

As Michigan returns to a more normal lifestyle, COVID-19 related liturgical protocols could be retained by local pastors. Pastors should be conscious that any protocols they retain should be seen as extraordinary measures for extraordinary times. Parishes/Families of Parishes should create a timeline as to when any of their parish/family protocols will expire.

  • The Archdiocesan-wide directive to wear face-coverings and social distance has expired. Each pastor/In Solidum team should establish a protocol for their parish(es)/Family of Parishes based upon local conditions (eg., a pastor/team may: establish an area where social distance continues to be observed, direct the return of choirs, institute the resumption of the presentation of gifts, retain sanitization/face covering surrounding the distribution of Holy Communion).
  • A reminder that clergy may, if they wish, continue to use separate Chalices or to receive the Precious Blood by intinction.
  • It is recommended, at the present time, that parishes refrain from distributing Holy Communion from the Chalice to the faithful (except for bride and groom on their wedding day). The faithful can be reminded that in receiving the Sacred Host, they are also receiving the Blood of the living Christ.
  • Parishes should have signage indicating any local parish COVID protocols. This is especially helpful for visitors.
  • Parishes should look to the Department of Catholic Schools for particular guidance regarding youth athletics and school activities.
  • Parishes should look to the Department of Human Resources for workplace guidance (requirements for parish offices, etc.).

These liturgical directives replace all previously issued liturgical directives related to COVID-19.

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