Proposal 3: What to Do

Sep 22, 2022

On Tuesday, November 8, Catholics across the state will have the opportunity of a lifetime to defeat a proposal that would impose unregulated abortion-on-demand on the people of Michigan. Voters will be asked if the state constitution should be amended to create a right to abortion throughout pregnancy with no regulations, no opportunity for the legislature to change the law, and no limitations on who can obtain an abortion from any person, at any time, without consequences. The question appears on the ballot as Proposal 3. Catholic engagement is necessary to defeat this proposal and its grave consequences.

To witness to and uphold the right to life in this state, and to prevent the abortion industry from turning Michigan into the pro-abortion capital of the country, Michigan Catholic Conference, in collaboration with the seven dioceses in the state, has launched a statewide Catholic Action Plan to defeat Proposal 3.

Proposal 3 would move Michigan far from a society where human life is welcomed and where mothers do not have to turn to abortion. Voters must reject this extreme proposal by voting no and allow our state to build a culture that values all human life by supporting existing efforts led by pregnancy centers and Catholic Charities agencies to assist mothers in need.

Learn more about the implications of Proposal 3 and what you need to know HERE.

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